Hardcover colorful books

Prografix for Don Bosco

Have a look on one of our project that we implemented for the publishing house Don Bosco Medien GmbH from Germany. Hardcover colorful children’s books.

Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, foiling, selective UV varnishing, offset varnish protection, sticking endpapers (manual confection). Packing and delivery to the Don Bosco warehouse in Germany.

  • Don Bosco Medien GmbH has been a Prografix customer since 2018. We print, pack and send to Germany not only books, but also sets of educational cards for children on various topics.

Prografix for Samler Huset Group B.V.

✔ Sewn-glued print in hardback
✔ Lamination of the cover with “anti-scratch” foil
✔5 themed versions: George V, Queen Elisabeth II, George VI, Edward VII, Queen Victoria

Find out more of our realization for Samlerhuset Group in Europe on Prografix website: link

For the Samler Huset Group B.V Prografix made ‘The British Coin Souvereign – An Illustrated History’

  • Sewn-glued print in hardback.
  • Lamination of the cover with “anti-scratch” foil.

Prografix for Moonka Foundation

“Twoje ciałopozytywne dojrzewanie” is a book about puberty for young girls and boys. On the back of the book there are attached stickers on glue dot. Produced by Prografix for Moonka Foundation.

  • Sewn-glued print in hardback.
  • Lamination of the cover with “anti-scratch” foil.
  • Stickers on glue dot at the back

Prografix for Skivak / PKP Intercity

Hardcover cardboard book with windows made in Prografix for PKP INTERCITY. Each page has cut-out windows that allows to read important and safety travelling rules. The non-standard shape increases the level of interesting and remembering the most important information by young readers.

  • Hardcover cardboard book
  • Lamination of the cover with gloss varnish
  • Openable windows

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