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Saddle stitching, spiral binding, glued binding, pyramids, bureaus, non standard etc.

Attractive, eye-catching, stylish branded calendars for every taste and budget.

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Spiral binding calendar – PAUL PAREY

• 14 different types of calendars – different titles and formats.

• Format: min. 210×245 mm; max. 594×420 mm

• Production processes: DTP/ CTP, printing with dispersion varnishing and pantone, UV select or apla (whole sheet) varnishing, cutting, completing, spiral binding (adding wire hanger), foliation (heat shrink) or into foil bags. 

• Distribution: delivery to customer’s warehouses in Germany.

Spiral binding calendar – KRAMER

• 15 different types of wall calendars – different titles, formats and sizes.

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, print with dispersion varnishing, lamination of cover with gloss foil, cutting, perforation, completing, spiral binding (adding wire hanger), packing each calendar to foil bags.

• Distribution: delivery to customer’s warehouse in Germany.

Spiral binding calendar – PROGRAFIX

• Colorfull calendars to hang on the wall in a non-standard 990×150 mm format

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, cutting, completing, spiraling (adding hangers), packing into round plexiglass boxes.

Spiral binding calendar with stand – PAUL PAREY

• Production processes: 

Cards: DTP/CTP, printing with dispersion varnishing, cutting.
Stand from solid paperboard: DTP/CTP, printing, cutting, mat laminating of lining and endpaper.
Finishing: completing, spiral binding, foliation (heat shrinking).

• Distribution: delivery to the customer’s warehouses in Germany.

Wall saddle stitched calendar – KOSMOS

• 230x335mm colorful fold-out calendar

• Production processes: DTP/ CTP, printing, cutting, folding, saddle stitching, packaging into plastic bags
(as an insert into the Kosmos magazine for Girls).

• Distribution: transport to the customer’s warehouse.

Personalized spiral binding ECO calendar

• Desk calendar in the format of 148×210mm, manufactured with the use of recycled paper.

•The product consists of: a personalized (including dedication) title card, 12 calendar cards, 12 unprinted cards for notes.
The whole set is spiral binded (non-standard).

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, cutting, personalization on the title card, completing, perforating, spiraling (adding hangers), riveting and rubber tying, packing in a foil bag.

Deskpad Calendar – PROGRAFIX

• 52-sheet color desk planner with a calendar in format of 485×310mm.

• We offer individual and various formats, paper types, gluing methods, number of pages and designs

• Production processes: DTP/ CTP, printing, cutting, glued binding.

Personalized selfmailer with a calendar – PROGRAFIX

• Personalized colorfull DM, which after folding can be used as a desk calendar.

• Production processes: DTP/ CTP, printing with dispersion varnishing (select mat), cutting, personalization (duplex), folding in line with perforation, gluing.

• Distribution: packing in accordance with the guidelines and posting at Poczta Polska.

Desk calendar with spiral binding – DEC POLAND TEKPRO

• Company calendar „pyramid” with stand and spiral binding.

• A company calendar is a good gift for customers and business partners.

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, die-cutting, cutting. Manual packaging: completing of calendar cards, perforating of cards and a stand, spiral binding, inserting ready product into a dedicated bag.

•Distribution: packing according to guidelines. Shipment by dedicated transport.

Non-standard DM with advent calendar

• Mailing consisted of personalized letter, information folder and non-standard advent calendar.

• Mailing’s goal was to build a bond with the client and encouraging to donate a foundation.

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, die-cutting (letter and advent calendar), personalization (letter), cutting, folding, matching 3 elements and insert into envelope.

Personalizedmulti-elemented mailing with calendar – SERCANIE

• Mailing consisted of 6 different elements:shipping envelope, personalized letter, wall calendar in notebook binding, payment form, All Saint’s pray and return envelope.

• Goal: express thanks for current financal suport and encouragement for further donations.

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, personalization in color (in text and adress), cutting, folding, notebook binding.

• Manual confection: matching 5 elements, inserting into non-standard C4 envelope.

• Distribution: shipping by SpeedMail and partly to Customer (only calendar).

Desk Pad Calendar – Prografix

• Part of a christmas package consisted of personalized desk calendar and greeting card, packed to dedicated box.

• Goal: thanks for current cooperation and strengthening a good relationship with Customers and business partners.

• Production processes: DTP/CTP, printing, cutting, personalization (cover), lamination, completing inside cards, perfect binding.

• Distribution: shipping by courier to the 15 countries of Europe.

Planner – Prografix

• Goal: personalized gift (Direct Mail) for partners and Clients.

• Implementation:
– Designing of the basic pattern of the covers
– Designing the inside pages of notebook.
– Production: printing, finishing (including soft touch foil), completing unique covers with ready means, spiral binding.

• Distribution: packing and shipping ready packs to the customer.

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