Direct Mail Case Studies (market research)


Case study – market research

#Milka used DIRECT MAIL to increase sales & customers’ engagement.

  • 500 000 pieces of chocolate sent in personalized DIRECT MAIL
  • 800 000 visits on the dedicated website
  • 1,3 mln Euros earned

#TheLastSquare case study:

  • GOAL: Milka challenged their consumers to donate the last square of their chocolate bar to somebody they love.
  • SOLUTION: Chocolate bars were sold with a square missing. The brand invited consumers to donate the lacking chocolate piece to the loved ones by #directmail.
  • RESULTS IN 2 MONTHS – Look at the data above, and additionally:
    • 68 mln potentially reached people
    • 3 mln video views
    • 95 000 shares on social networks

Source | Advertising Agency: Buzzman, France

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